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Ayehu eyeShare IT Process Automation Out-of-the-box templates that automate your routine IT tasks, providing full control over automation.
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eyeShare IT Process Automation

Paradoxically, IT is the least automated department in many organizations.
IT personnel often spend their scarce time on mundane, repetitive tasks rather than on planning and resolving business critical issues.

eyeShare IT Process Automation helps eliminate these labor-intensive manual interactions, providing an intuitive automation tool that automates key processes such as system, network and application tasks. Allowing you to maintain full control over automated tasks, eyeShare frees up your time to focus on key issues that improve service levels.

With eyeShare, you can rapidly automate any routine IT task, even complex tasks that integrate multiple systems.

eyeShare's Pre-packaged IT Process Automation Templates

eyeShare’s pre-packaged IT Automation templates cover a range of categories.

Category IT Automation Templates
Active directory Automation of user and group management tasks. for example: Active Directory Unlock Account
File system Automating file and folder management including archiving, and comparing files. for example:File Monitoring and automation
FTP FTP server file tasks - adding, removing, renaming files, monitoring server. for example: Event log monitoring
System Automating server restart, shutdown, monitoring and troubleshooting. for example: Service Restart
Application Verify processes running, resource consumption and unauthorized software
Microsoft IIS Recycling application pools, monitoring web site and creating virtual directories for example: Service Restart
Security & compliance Auditing changes to security policies, failed logons, admin accounts
Energy management Automating Cisco energy management configuration tasks
Notification and escalation Automatic escalation and notification procedures to remote users
VMware vSphere Integration Automate VMware tasks, VM provisioning, snapshots, clone, configure and resolve VMware incidents, .

IT Process Automation Templates for Rapid Implementation

Ayehu eyeShare arrives with a rich library of IT Process Automation templates, which can be implemented immediately. Each task is designed as a workflow containing procedures, control-flow conditions, and triggers for a specific environment.

Automated workflows can be scheduled or triggered by specific events or conditions. For example, an automated task may be triggered by disk space or memory reaching a certain level, or by a change to a security policy. Workflows can be easily configured and modified using the eyeShare drag-and-drop visual environment. Adding or modifying steps can be done with no need for coding and scripting.

IT Process Automation Under Control

eyeShare lets you remain fully in control over IT task automation by embedding human decision points within workflows.

Using bi-directional communication steps, you can remotely control the advancement or execution of any step within a process, such as re-starting a server. Remote communication can be performed via SMS, IM, email, or phone.

eyeShare IT Process Automation Workflows

  • Pre-packaged IT automation workflows for common IT activities related to system, network and application.
  • Easily customize processes using the graphical studio workflow editor.
  • External systems input -eyeShare integrates with all monitoring and C&C systems, so it can request the status of a device or a system parameter, and make a simple decision with no human intervention.
  • Human decision points -when the process reaches a critical decision junction requiring human judgment, eyeShare can contact the process owner (via SMS, email, IM or phone), present the available data and wait for a response before continuing the process.
  • Cross-system Integration - task automation can span across server infrastructure and systems management products, including systems from BMC, CA, IBM, HP, Microsoft, and others.
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