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eyeShare IT Process Automation - Monitor Event Logs
Workflow templates that automate your routine IT tasks, providing full control over automation.
IT Process Automation > Monitor and Troubleshoot Event Logs
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Monitor Event Logs

eyeShare IT Process Automation enables to monitor and troubleshoot event logs, syslog, backup logs etc. allows you responding quickly and efficiently to critical issues and outages.

With eyeShare you can define specific rules monitoring events and text strings of critical applications. eyeShare monitors event logs and sends an alert once the specific event is detected. Monitor any number of hosts and event logs across the networks and systems, get notified immediately, and have eyeShare perform any corrective action, automatically.

Monitor Event Logs - Video tutorial

See an example of a Monitor Event Logs workflow.

With eyeShare, you can:

  • Monitor and troubleshoot event logs across any server, device or hosts
  • Filter events and get alerts on any text string or error code you define
  • Get alerts via mail or SMS - based on event severity (e.g., warning vs. error)
  • Automate your response by running automated workflow upon event

Tailor to your needs

Keep in mind this workflow can be easily customized to your needs. Add or modify notification steps; or have eyeShare perform additional actions upon event or problem. Use eyeShare's visual workflow studio to drag and drop additional logic and steps.