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eyeShare IT Process Automation - Service Restart
Workflow templates that automate your routine IT tasks, providing full control over automation.
IT Process Automation > Automate Service Restart
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Automate Service Restart

eyeShare lets you to shut down, stop and restart Windows, Linux application and services automatically and remotely using email or text messages.

Have eyeShare monitor any number of Windows, Linux services, such as backup services, Antivirus, Spooler, IIS and Apache service etc... Any time a service stops running, eyeShare will immediately trigger a workflow and send an alert via SMS or email, and will allow you to remotely send a command to restart the failed service.

Automate Service Restart - Video tutorial

See an example of a Automated Service Restart workflow.

Tailor to your needs

Keep in mind this workflow can be easily customized to your needs. Add or modify notification steps; or have eyeShare perform additional actions upon the restart of a service. Use eyeShare's visual workflow studio to drag and drop additional logic and steps.