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Ayehu eyeShare IT Process Automation Out-of-the-box templates that automate your routine IT tasks, providing full control over automation.
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System Center Operations Manager Integration

eyeShare integrates with Microsoft SCOM (2007 and 2012) to provide a closed loop of IT management and IT Process Automation. eyeShare's automated workflows can be triggered by alerts received from the Operations Manager, upon successful process execution, events are sent back from eyeShare to the Operations Manager to close the loop and update the status.

For example: you can schedule a daily IT tasks such as disk space cleanup and file operation or you can automatically remediate problems such as automated service retart, password reset, delete temp files, etc...

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With the eyeShare SCOM integration, you can:
  • Reduce resolution time of incidents, problems and changes
  • Free up time by automating repetitive maintenance IT tasks
  • Empower frontline operators to resolve more incidents more quickly & remotely

Example of Incident flow with SCOM and eyeShare :
  • Operations Manager detects an IIS service failure and generates an alert.
  • The alert is detected by eyeShare connector, which triggers a predefined service restart workflow.
  • The workflow use bi-directional communication to notify an Administrator via text message about the IIS failure and wait for a acknowledge to restart the service.
  • Upon confirming the eyeShare workflow will execute the IIS service restarted remotely, eyeShare sends a text message to the Administrator and sends an alert to Operations manager to close the incident.