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Ayehu eyeShare
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Ayehu Professional Services

Ayehu's Professional Services offers an extensive knowledge in the operation and deployment of eyeShare solution through hundreds of customer engagements. Our highly technical professional services team can provide with best practices and guidance to assess, plan, design, customize, and deploy eyeShare according to your needs. This will allow you to maximize your investment and leverage the complete benefits of Ayehu eyeShare solution.

Ayehu Professional Services Packages:

Plan, Design and Implement: Ayehu offers a number of Professional Services packages. Ayehu Getting Started package is designed to assist customers with initial installation and configuration, while ensuring a quick deployment to save your time. This package is available as fully remote or on-site service, depending on your requirements and the complexity of your environment.

Ayehu Professional Services

Ayehu Prove of Value (POV) Package: Want to try our software prior to purchase? Our POV package is designed for the evaluation of the eyeShare solution within your own environment - allowing you to experience eyeShare prior to purchasing. With years of experience, including many software implementations, we have developed a repeatable method that will assure fast and high quality results.

Customized Services: Ayehu offers customized services to meet your business needs. From process improvements, customization and optimization. Ayehu professionals can help you define requirements, create specific reports (Incident management, problem resolution, MTTR etc…) and integrate with any third-Party applications such Help Desk, Monitoring tools, CMDB and more... This way your organization will get the most out of your product investment.

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