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Customer Support Policy

Installation and Configuration: Free support is given during the installation and configuration of eyeShare trial version. Contact us to schedule a support session please indicate that in your request.

Support Period: Technical support is effective upon the effective date of your order unless stated otherwise in your contract or invoice. If your order was placed via an online billing system, the effective date is the date your order was accepted by the billing system. Ayehu technical support terms, including pricing, reflect a 12 month support period (the "support period"), unless otherwise stated in your contract or invoice. All technical support services ordered for a support period and the related fees are non-cancelable and non-refundable. Ayehu is not obligated to provide technical support beyond the end of the support period.

Priority Levels & Response Times




Level 1 Level 1 includes errors that cause:
a. An important component of the Software to be unusable.
b. A system or product malfunction that has frequent or major impact on usability or performance.
c. Frequent failure of an important service that utilizes the Software (e.g. Web Service, etc.)
6 Hours
Level 2 Level 2 includes errors that cause:
a. A major failure to an important feature in the Software resulting in significant inconvenience to a user.
b. A system or product malfunction that has an infrequent or minor impact on the user.
c. A major feature of the Software to perform materially differently from the description of that feature in the documentation.
12 Hours
Level 3 Level 3 includes errors that cause:
a. Minimal impact on users.
b. Causes a malfunction of a non-essential feature of the Software.
24 Hours
Level 4 Level 4 includes errors that cause:
a. Minimal impact on users.
b. An inconvenience to the operations of the product.
c. Pertains to a Test System.
48 Hours

Remote Support: The support services are provided through email, phone, and desktop sharing - in compliance with our support response times in the above table. Additional support packages are available upon request. Contact us for more details.

Unsupported Programs

Customers with unsupported programs are not entitled to download or receive updates, maintenance releases, patches, telephone assistance, or any other technical support services for unsupported programs. CD packs or programs purchased or downloaded for trial use, use with other supported programs, or purchased or downloaded as replacement media may not be used to update any unsupported programs.